The Americas

Highway through hell
A best casino sites 0 motorway in Paraguay could eventually rival the Panama Canal

That is, if governments in Brazil and Argentina build their connecting roads, too

Pulling its wheat
Can Brazil help with food shortages around the world?

In the first two months of this year it has exported more wheat than in the whole of 2021

Iron fist
El Salvador’s president has locked up 19,000 people in a month

Many are likely to be gang members. But innocent people are being rounded up, too

Enemies with benefits
Can Venezuela help the West wean itself off Russian oil?

Nicolás Maduro, the country’s autocratic president, may make that difficult

The United States of Mexico
Mexican migration has changed America for the better

Remittances sent best casino sites 0 have helped Mexico, too

Losing their religion
Latin America is becoming more secular

Catholicism is in swift decline, although there are growing numbers of evangelicals

Villain or victim?
Hailed as a saviour, derided as a thief, Lula is back

Brazil’s election may turn on whether voters trust their former president

From protester to president
Chilean education lurches to the left

Gabriel Boric vows to forgive student loans and reduce testing in schools

Injudicious judges
Central America’s legal systems are increasingly corrupt

In Guatemala alone some 15 legal officials have been forced to flee in the past year

Brazil’s presidential election in October will be about the economy

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is ahead but Jair Bolsonaro is still in the running

Invest or squander?
Guyana’s tiny population braces for a gusher of petrodollars

Other countries blessed with oil have not always made good use of it