Middle East & Africa

Over a dead body
Turkey’s president woos the Saudi crown prince

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government badly needs money

Trouble looms
Debt repayment costs are rising fast for many African countries

They are unlikely to default this year, but face trouble by 2024

The breakfast club
Why more Arab Muslims are ignoring the Ramadan fast

State enforcement of the rules is becoming softer too

The Holocaust’s awkward narratives
The war in Ukraine has stirred old arguments over history

Israel is entangled with politicised distortions of the Holocaust

Past masters
Old hopefuls are jostling to succeed Nigeria’s President Buhari

Most Nigerians are younger than 19. Their main candidates are over 70

Same old rotten lot
Lebanon goes to the polls amid its worst-ever financial crisis

The system is still rigged in favour of corrupt incumbents against a divided opposition

The call of the south
Turkey is making a big diplomatic and corporate push into Africa

It is sending engineers and soap operas, but also guns and soldiers

Monetising Madiba
Making money from Nelson Mandela’s name

A boutique hotel and NFTs are the latest examples of Madiba’s lucrative legacy

Unhappy royals
Jordan’s troubled king and his bothersome brother

Rivalry within the royal family is threatening the kingdom’s stability

The sour milky way
Why Egypt isn’t open for business

Despite pro-business talk, the army grabs whatever it wants

Why South Africa is running out of Marmite

A ban on booze has led to parched throats and dry toast

Follow the money
Islamic State is using South African money to build its network

Extortionists and kidnappers in South Africa are alleged to be funding terrorist groups in Congo and Mozambique