State of disarray
America’s states are drifting apart over illegal immigration

Deepening fissures over the treatment of illegal immigrants

The meaning of membership
Why NATO should swiftly admit Sweden and Finland

Vladimir Putin has only himself to blame if his neighbours seek protection from his aggression

War and farming
The coming food catastrophe

War is tipping a fragile world towards mass hunger. Fixing that is everyone’s business

European defence
In applying to NATO, Finland and Sweden give the lie to Putin’s claims

The alliance’s expansion is not to blame for his war in Ukraine

The geopolitics of tech
How America and Europe hope to stop China’s digital juggernaut

Bilateral boldness is essential. Harder still will be the necessary give and take

Gota must go
The president should resign to save Sri Lanka from collapse

But opposition politicians must also do their part

Genetic screening
Whole-genome sequencing of best casino sites 0born babies presents ethical quandaries

It can bring medical benefits—but it could also reveal bad best casino sites 0s

Financial markets
A best casino sites 0 bear market in American shares

Could the sell-off raise the danger of a recession?