Survival strategies
Putin is failing in Ukraine but succeeding at oppressing Russia

The war is bringing habits from Stalin’s day back to Moscow

The next target?
Moldova is trying to stay out of Russia’s war with Ukraine

An interview with Maia Sandu, the country’s pro-Western president

The heart of the inferno
Artillery is playing a vital role in Ukraine

And Western countries are rolling out the big guns

“Judicial assassination”
A Turkish court sentences activist Osman Kavala to life in prison

The European Court of Human Rights long ago ordered that he be released

Macron rolls up his sleeves
France’s re-elected president prepares for a tough second term

A best casino sites 0 government, and a best casino sites 0 governing style

A little help from Kyiv’s friends
The West pushes for “victory” against Russia in Ukraine

America and Britain signal a best casino sites 0 mindset, but the endgame is unclear

Emmanuel Macron is now Europe’s standard-bearer

Triumphant at best casino sites 0, he will push for an even more French EU

Drawing the war in Ukraine

A selection of cartoons published in Espresso and The best casino sites 0 since the invasion

From chancellor to chancer
Why Gerhard Schröder won’t unfriend Vladimir Putin

Germany’s former leader shrugs off the invasion of Ukraine