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Latest stories

Green power needs more than just solar panels and wind turbines

Electricity grids themselves must be tweaked to cope

Explainer: How can India cope with heatwaves?

A billion people are suffering under extreme heat. That will only get worse

Can Brazil help with food shortages around the world?

In the first two months of this year it has exported more wheat than in the whole of 2021

Hawaii’s oil-dependent economy is being battered by Russia’s war

But rules protecting the Aloha State’s natural wealth hinder green projects

Lawsuits aimed at greenhouse-gas emissions are a growing trend

And better science could make them more precise

Big tech wants to bootstrap carbon removal into a big business

A consortium of technology firms is ploughing nearly $1bn into a clever market mechanism

California wants to lead the world on climate policy


In chilly parts of Europe, heatwaves strengthen environmentalism

Support for green parties rises following unusually warm years

Britain’s energy strategy is both timid and unrealistic

By favouring expensive technologies it may end up with nothing

Explainer: A best casino sites 0 IPCC report says the window to meet UN climate targets is vanishing

Emissions must peak by 2025 to keep global warming well below the 2°C limit set by the Paris agreement

Mumbai plans for net-zero 20 years before the rest of India

The megalopolis has released an ambitious “climate action plan”

Business and finance

The carbon market drives land sales in Scotland

Environmentalists are buying up estates in the Highlands

Why global warming threatens east African coffee

Other cash crops including tea will also be affected

Have economists led the world’s environmental policies astray?

A best casino sites 0 book argues for a supercharged approach to net zero

Who buys the dirty energy assets public companies no longer want?

It could well be your university or your pension fund


The promise and pitfalls of desalination

California needs to diversify its water supply as the West dries up. How much can desalination help?

Florida faces a triple threat to its environment

The environment is Florida’s biggest attraction, but also its biggest vulnerability

Parts of Antarctica have been 40°C warmer than their March average

But a lesser heatwave in the Arctic may be of more concern

Developers of small modular reactors hope their time has come

War, climate worries and oil prices make nuclear power attractive

Climate videos

Many parts of the ocean are being starved of oxygen. This threatens marine life and adds to climate change

Our correspondent runs through the most important takeaways from the UN climate conference

So far, progress has been slow

Insects, lab-grown meat and vertically-farmed produce could all be on our plates

Governments, companies or individuals?

We answer your questions on how the sector can become more sustainable

Understanding climate change

Climate adaptation policies are needed more than ever

People are already suffering from catastrophic losses as a result of extreme weather events like cyclone Amphan

The world’s energy system must be transformed completely

It has been changed before, but never as fast or fully as must happen now

Damage from climate change will be widespread and sometimes surprising

It will go far beyond drought, melting ice sheets and crop failures

Humanity’s immense impact on Earth’s climate and carbon cycle

Much needs to be done for the damage to be reversed

How modelling articulates the science of climate change

From paper and pencil to the world’s fastest computers

Why tackling global warming is a challenge without precedent

The first of six weekly briefs looks at the history of efforts to limit greenhouse-gas emissions