The food system in crisis
A world grain shortage puts tens of millions at risk

War, extreme weather and export controls are all contributing

The law unto themselves
America’s Supreme Court faces a crisis of legitimacy

The nine justices are increasingly at odds with the majority of citizens

Sorrows in battalions
Russia’s army is in a woeful state

The fiasco in Ukraine could be a reflection of a bad strategy or a poor fighting force

“War is here”
What Taiwan can learn from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Fighting spirit and the right Western arms may stymie a powerful foe

Rebuilding back better
What will it cost to rebuild Ukraine?

And all sorts of infrastructure will need rebuilding

Beating the hard right
France looks likely to re-elect Emmanuel Macron

But his race against Marine Le Pen is a lot closer than it was last time

The fortunes of war
What next for Russia?

For the moment, Russian forces have given up on Kyiv

The war in Ukraine
An uncertain outlook across Ukraine

Russia’s atrocities in Mariupol have not brought it closer to victory. But they have not yet spread farther afield, either